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10. Going to a school function and having the other parents think you are a lot younger than you are.

9. Being at a Girl Scouts picnic and having your wife help move a large table and when some guy says, “Oh no she shouldn’t do that, let me help” and then you get to say, “She can deadlift well over 200lbs, I think she’s got it.”

8. Having your child pick up a PVC and bust out a pretty darn good Snatch.

7. Being able to keep up with your kids and having fun playing with them instead of just watching.

6. Getting to make the most of birthday parties that are at Gymnastics facilities, pools, bouncy houses, trampoline gyms, ect… So much more fun than just sitting around chatting.

5. Getting the opportunity to teach other parents about CrossFit when they ask you how the heck you stay so fit.

4. Being able to show your kids how to do things, rather than just trying to explain it.

3. Knowing you are setting a great example by keeping fit and eating real food. It is fun to hear someone ask you if you want some cake and your kid says, “He is not going to want that, my dad eats paleo.” That doesn’t mean I never take the cake though 😉

2. Feeling secure about being able to protect your family in an emergency. Whether it is being able to run 5 miles to your kid’s school, carry one for an extended period of time, or putting the smack down on some idiot that tries to harm your family in any way.

1. Knowing that you are doing the best you can to stay healthy so you can have a long, active life to provide the best life you can for your kids.

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