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In life there are great days and there are horrible days, times of joy and times of sadness, but in either case it is nice to be surrounded by friends and family. On a great day you want to share your excitement and when life strikes you with a low blow, you want to be surrounded by support. The community of CrossFit is absolutely unmatched. Just like the theme song to the old TV show Cheers, “Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same.”

Day in and day out, one thing I look forward to is going to the box. These are my people and they are AWESOME. They are there to help me celebrate victories and to help pick me up after suffering a loss. When I don’t make it to the box, I miss it. My body might feel beat up from 5 days of WODs in a row, but on that much deserved rest day I find myself still wanting to head on in, even if it is just to hang out. There is something special about being surrounded by people that have very similar goals and values, especially when they are so positive. CrossFitters live life big, they don’t watch it pass on by. The spirit and passion for this unique sport spills out of the box and into the other facets of your life. It creates confidence and opens the door to possibility. When you are able to meet goal, after goal, after goal, at CrossFit and do all of these things that you never thought you would ever be able to do, it changes you mindset. It enables a better you. It shows you that things you thought were impossible are possible and if you can do it at the box, why can’t you do it at home or at work. Being surrounded by a group of people that all get this, understand it, and support you, is amazing.


Working Through an Injury

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Getting injured can be one of the most demotivating things that can happen in CrossFit. Unfortunately a lot of people try and take care of their injured body part by not coming into the box. Instead of resting just that one injured area, they are resting their entire body. Then by the time they do come back to the box, they have lost so much of their fitness they get discouraged and sometimes even end up quitting.

Don’t get me wrong, being injured sucks, but don’t let that detour you from staying fit. Recently I have been dealing with an injured shoulder and it was preventing me from doing anything overhead and anything with a big pull off the ground, like power cleans. So I experimented to find out what I could still do; I could use a kettlebell, do pull ups, toes to bar, knees to elbow, and a couple of other things. I started going to my physical therapist and I followed my normal workout schedule. What I ended up doing is just substituting any movement I couldn’t do with something I could do. For me, this was hard because I have a bit of a competitive side and I hated not being able to stack up what I was doing with what everyone else was doing. But, never the less I was at the box my usual 5 to 6 days a week and a little over 2 months later I am already starting to be able to ease back into some overhead movements.

The key to getting back into the game as quickly as possible is recognizing you have an injury early and taking care of it.  For me this meant getting that first PT appointment scheduled. Then once you have gone to your healing professional, make sure you actually follow the plan they set out for you. This is easy for me to say because my PT gets CrossFit and is an active person himself, often times they do not get CrossFit and basically just tell you to stop doing what you are doing. If you run into this problem, ask around your box where other people go. I will stop there because this could be an entire post in itself. Next, figure out what movements you can and can’t do and work with your coach to adjust the WOD to suite your needs until you are back to good. As you go through this process, slowly start testing out the movements that were bothering you before. First try it with no weight, then low weight, and then slowly build up to where you were before you got injured. For example, if pull-ups hurt your shoulder you could just do the pull-up movement without hanging on the bar, then move up to using a thick band, then try and just hang in an active position, then start doing low reps, you get the idea.

Being injured takes a lot of patients and is both mentally and physically hard to work through. I didn’t even talk about different extents of injuries. If you tweak your shoulder a bit, you could be back to good in a couple of weeks, but if you break your leg you are going to take a lot longer to get back into your regular routine. Either way it is the same process, just the length of each of the phases of healing are different. The main thing to take away here is not to quit, it is much easier to stay in your basic workout rhythm than it is to take a break and come back. Don’t sacrifice your health because of one injury, tough it out and get your butt into the box, you will be much happier in the long run.

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Deep down in the belly of CrossFit there are thousands of professional exercisers on the hunt for the best and coolest CrossFit gear. Late at night long after the WOD is over, these pro exercisers scour the deepest, darkest corners of the internets to find out when a special edition shoe is going to release, what new t-shirt line has the coolest phrases, and where you can score a great deal. In other sports there are clothing and equipment that are required, like soccer cleats, shin guards, baseball gloves, etc…. In CrossFit things aren’t necessarily mandatory, but having good gear sure can help you through a tough WOD. Is some of this more of a placebo effect? Probably, but either way it helps, and the true CrossFitter understands that. I know some of my most prized possessions are the shirts that represent my box. I think this is for two reasons, first I am proud to be part of my box and these people are my family. Second, CrossFit may have gotten a lot bigger, but it is still not main stream, so when someone sees your Buck Furpees t-shirt and asks you what box you go to, it is like finding out you had a long lost sibling.
What is your favorite piece or CrossFit apparel and why? Or if it is tough to narrow down, list a couple.