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Deep down in the belly of CrossFit there are thousands of professional exercisers on the hunt for the best and coolest CrossFit gear. Late at night long after the WOD is over, these pro exercisers scour the deepest, darkest corners of the internets to find out when a special edition shoe is going to release, what new t-shirt line has the coolest phrases, and where you can score a great deal. In other sports there are clothing and equipment that are required, like soccer cleats, shin guards, baseball gloves, etc…. In CrossFit things aren’t necessarily mandatory, but having good gear sure can help you through a tough WOD. Is some of this more of a placebo effect? Probably, but either way it helps, and the true CrossFitter understands that. I know some of my most prized possessions are the shirts that represent my box. I think this is for two reasons, first I am proud to be part of my box and these people are my family. Second, CrossFit may have gotten a lot bigger, but it is still not main stream, so when someone sees your Buck Furpees t-shirt and asks you what box you go to, it is like finding out you had a long lost sibling.
What is your favorite piece or CrossFit apparel and why? Or if it is tough to narrow down, list a couple.