CrossFit Dad is a blog I thought of creating after seeing so many different sites focusing on moms. I thought to myself, why isn’t there something that focuses on dads? I know that that being a busy dad now-a-days is not easy and if you are trying to be the best dad you can be, it is nice to have a place for getting and giving advice and tips. I am a passionate CrossFitter and believe that involving my kids in my CF experience is something they will learn a lot from. I want to lead by example and show my kids that not only is it important to work hard at your job, it is important to be fit and healthy. I am going to post about topics that aren’t necessarily only of interest to dads, so please let anybody else know about this blog that you think might be interested. Thanks you for visiting and let me know if you have any ideas for topics.

  1. Mark says:

    Hey CrossFit Dad.

    I’m also a dad, rather than working out at a club outside my house, am now working at building a gym in my garage. I know the feeling about getting my kids involved in fitness – man, some of the other student’s in their classes are kind of chubby and they are in the Primary grades.

    I’ve been blogging for about a year; hoping I’m getting better at it, but I’m liking Blogger, if only because it’s free.

    OK – thanks for this blog, it kinda gives me the idea that I’m not the only one out there doing this kind of thing.


    • CrossFit Dad says:

      Hi Mark,

      Great to hear that you are trying to instill in your kids that being fit and healthy is a good idea. They are pretty much going to follow what we do, so we might as well set a good example from the beginning. That way it just becomes normal for them, rather than something you only do every once and a while or that it is a hassel.

      Speaking of younge children that are overweight, we really have to make sure our kids are being active. It is really easy now-a-days to have them just sitting around watching tv, playing video games, surfing the web, texting, etc…. Those things are all fine, but they also need to get out and be active. Nutrition is also a huge factor in that, everything from the lunches that schools provide to what is cheap and easy to get to eat. I would really encourage you to look into the Paleo Diet, Robb Wolf just came out with a new book that you can get on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Get the book, try it for 30 days and just check it out. I think if you truely stick with it for 30 days you will notice a really big difference in your energy level and appearance. Hope you keep up with the blogging and if you think your readers might be interested in CrossFit Dad, please feel free to put a link to my blog on your site.


      • Mark says:

        thanks for the info, man. I really appreciate it. I’m still an active dad – I play rugby and get my kids out as much as I can and make sure they know that I like to work out.

        I’ve been following a semi-Paleo diet in my house, but I’ve got an eight month pregnant wife to feed too, which makes sticking to a true paleo diet difficult at time. (who knew that kids in the stomach would liek McDonalds fries?) I’ve listened to Robb Wolfe’s podcasts on iTunes and his book is on my to read list – keep it up, man!

  2. Jim says:


    just found your site. Impressive. I too am a 90% Paleo person with occasional stumbles. I weigh less than I did in middle school and feel great. Great to see something like this and keep it up. My issue, because I am 64 and a life time desk sitter is lack of flexibility. My squat and rack positions are no where near where they should be so if you can find and run anything on that issue it would be good. Check out my website. My box is going great.

    Jim Smith, Owner
    CrossFit Glory

    • CrossFit Dad says:

      Hi Jim,

      Glad you like the site. I was excited to read your feedback and question because I have some great information for you that you can also use at your box for your athletes. In today’s blog I will write about mobility and give a fantastic resource you can use everyday. I am also a desk sitter so I try and focs on posture a lot now and keeping my shoulders back so as not to promote bad form or getting an impingement while lifting. Also, one of the things that I absolutely love about CrossFit is it’s scalability. We have all ages at our box and it so great to see people of all shapes and sizes kicking some butt and getting the results they are looking for.

      I checked out your website too and you guys certainly aren’t affraid to pull out some of the big guns like Kelly yesterday or the dreaded 5k run. Keep it up. Also I would love it if you posted a link to my blog on your site if you thought some of this information would be valuable to your athletes.

      Thanks and keep your eye out for my blog post later today, I think you are going to love it. The more flexible you are the easier pretty much everything else is.

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