Get Mad at the Bar

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is strength day, you are poised to get a PR, you have your lifting shoes, and your lucky shorts on. You are stoked to get into this lift and get that new record so you warm up really well and spend some extra attention on the critical parts of your anatomy for this movement. Then you finally get to that bar and start warming up the movement and get into your first couple of sets. This is easy; you know you have these weights, just building up to the big dog. Then it is time, time to go for the PR. At that moment, the moment you step up to the bar and are ready to set that new record, what is going through your head? I have heard a lot of people say to get angry or get mad at the bar, is that what you do? If it is and it works, then good on you. Keep it up and stick with that strategy. For me that does not work, I need to find clarity, I have a lot of noise going on, people all around doing their thing, going through the movement in my head, maybe a little self-doubt, butterflies in my stomach, feeling a little anxious, and then I find it. I find that spot where it gets quiet and the only thing on my mind is getting that bar to where it needs to be. I rely on my instincts and muscle memory to make my body move as efficiently as possible to make this lift. It is not my intention to tell you this is the best way to get that PR, simply a reminder that if one thing doesn’t work, try something else. I have tried getting angry and for whatever reason that does not work for me and then one day I noticed a pattern after getting a PR on an overhead squat. It took me a while to find it, but I did, so if one suggestion from someone doesn’t feel like it works for you, don’t sweat it, try something else.


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