Keep Your Box Clean

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

You might think I am talking to the Box owners, but I’m not. In my experience the vast majority of Box owners take very good care of their gyms. I am talking to the members. Treat the box like your home, or even better, like someone else’s home that you’re visiting. Keep it clean, if you take something out put it away. When you put stuff away, put it in the back in the correct spot and put it there neatly. We may be throwing around big heavy metal things that seem unbreakable, but they are not. Don’t throw down an empty barbell, don’t drop kettlebells, these things are not only expensive, but I might want to use them and if you break them I can’t. Also, in all boxes there is somewhere to put your junk (bag, jacket, water bottle, ect…), so don’t use stacks of weights or box jump boxes for a shelf. I get tired of moving your stuff so that I can WOD, and others do too. Take pride in your box, when you leave at the end of the WOD it should look as good as or better than when you came. Nobody wants to come into a dirty, unorganized box, I am sure you would rather spend your time hanging with your friends and getting your WOD on rather than searching for a barbell that isn’t broken or digging through a random pile of weights. We are all gassed after a WOD, but catch your breath and get your gear away nicely and clean up after your kids if yah got em. I am not thrilled to help clean up a bunch of toys all the time either, but I make sure my kids either get their stuff or I help them out. Everybody loves a clean box.


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