The Underground World of CrossFit Clothes

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Deep down in the belly of CrossFit there are thousands of professional exercisers on the hunt for the best and coolest CrossFit gear. Late at night long after the WOD is over, these pro exercisers scour the deepest, darkest corners of the internets to find out when a special edition shoe is going to release, what new t-shirt line has the coolest phrases, and where you can score a great deal. In other sports there are clothing and equipment that are required, like soccer cleats, shin guards, baseball gloves, etc…. In CrossFit things aren’t necessarily mandatory, but having good gear sure can help you through a tough WOD. Is some of this more of a placebo effect? Probably, but either way it helps, and the true CrossFitter understands that. I know some of my most prized possessions are the shirts that represent my box. I think this is for two reasons, first I am proud to be part of my box and these people are my family. Second, CrossFit may have gotten a lot bigger, but it is still not main stream, so when someone sees your Buck Furpees t-shirt and asks you what box you go to, it is like finding out you had a long lost sibling.
What is your favorite piece or CrossFit apparel and why? Or if it is tough to narrow down, list a couple.

  1. Will Johnson says:

    Sweat band and headband. I sweat a lot and shave my head so I must have on a headband. Other then this I do have 3 different shoes, ivov8s, reebok nanos and only shoes. Of course I rock the tee shirt I get from my box or other boxes I train at when traveling.

    • CrossFit Dad says:

      I need to get a headback to rock for sure, it is starting to get hot outside and I am gonna need it. Same here with the shoes, I have my Inov8’s, Nano U forms, Nano 2.0(which I think are considerable better), and my oly shoes. Check out the Nano 2.0’s for sure, I really like the fit.

  2. Nick Momrik says:

    I got the Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0 shoes a couple of weeks ago and they are awesome. I also love the Memorial Day Murph t-shirt I got for donating to the cause this year.

    • CrossFit Dad says:

      I love the Nano 2.0’s, they are a really good all around CF shoes and comfortable to just kick around in. I totally dig all the Murph shirts they have had too. Such a memorable WOD and to support some great organizations and remember a true hero. Did you weight vest it this year too?

      • Nick Momrik says:

        No weight vest. I don’t even have one and it’s tough enough for me without one. The owner of our box wore one doing Murph just before classes started and due to the extreme heat and humidity that day he recommended nobody else wear one.

      • CrossFit Dad says:

        Got it, it is definitly a whole new element with the vest and would be a killer in the heat. The last mile feels so long.

  3. Steven Callicott says:

    I’m new to Crossfit (4 months and highly addicted) I bought a Murph shirt because it was a big accomplishment on my end to complete it RXd. I also love my “Eat, Drink, Lift, Puke, Repeat” shirt.

    • CrossFit Dad says:

      Welcome to CrossFit, it is good to have you join the family. I totally see Murph as being a right of passage for a newer CrossFitter, wear that shirt proud. Hope to see comments from you periodically.

  4. Josh says:

    I take pride in my box’s gear: t-shirt, hoodie, singlet and beanie. I find a good pair of shorts is essential – not too tight or restrictive but not too long and baggy either. You can take a top off but you can’t take your shorts off so they have to look good too. I also wear my Inov8 all the time. Love em

    • CrossFit Dad says:

      I agree, shorts are essential. My favorite short are probably the Lululemon Core shorts. A bit spendy, but I just end up wearing them all the time because they are great WOD shorts. Also love my Forged board shorts, great for lifting, they make me feel strong 😉

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