CrossFit Going Mainstream

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you did not see it or hear about it, CrossFit got some major national exposure yesterday via a Reebok commercial on network television. I will be honest, from the beginning I have not been fond of the CrossFit and Reebok partnership. It is the one sports apparel company that I did not even own one piece of clothing from. It has just never been my style, Reebok has pretty much always been pretty whack in my book. That being said I was going to give them another shot because in the long run CrossFit getting more exposure will be a good thing. But their track record to date has not been great, not enough stock at the CrossFit Games, t-shirt that look like they belong in Old Navy, high prices, consistent issues with shipping new product, I could list more, but you get the point. Putting all of that to the side, I think the kick off of these commercials is going to be GREAT. I am glad Reebok is spending some big money to help build CrossFit up. I know their  main focus is making more money, but they are a company and that is what companies do. The great part is they are spreading the word about CrossFit and it is getting to millions of people, millions of people who desperately need to take a serious look at their health. On July 21st of 2011, the CDC reported that 33.8% of all adults in America and 17% of children are not considered obese. Those numbers are staggering and it is undeniable that we have taken a wrong turn somewhere. I don’t believe that 1/3 of adults are just making a conscious choice to be obese, I think it is all the crap people have been fed both literally and figuratively. Tons of different fad diets, commercials telling kids that chocolate milk and Lucky Charms with whole grains are healthy, label on food saying it is fresh and organic but there are still ingredients that are barely pronounceable, and almost zero healthy fast food joints. Then on top of all that, schools have been getting rid of physical education classes and after school sports because of budget cuts. Don’t get me wrong, I think academics are important and clearly there is improvement that needs to be done in the education system in the U.S. too, but having a bunch of smarter kids that are growing up into fat and sickly adults is not what is going to keep the U.S. as one of the world leaders. I love the fact that CrossFit is kinda underground and feels like a bit of a club,  but so many more people can benefit from it. CrossFit is not just the gym you go to, but it is a lifestyle. Once you have fought through the tough first couple of months you slowly start getting why all the die hards act the way they do. It slowly creeps into your life and changes it for the better. I am just a better person in general, I am not only healthier, but I am happier as well. I feel great, have made fantastic friends, and my kids are reaping the benefits as well. Dad almost always has energy to go have some fun. I also want my kids to be active, so we have made it a priority to make sure our kids are always in some sort of activity as well. So do I think it is a good thing that CrossFit is going mainstream, definitely. I feel it is now my duty to let people know what the fuss is all about and am happy to be an ambassador to CrossFit. I don’t like to go out and preach about it, but if you start asking me questions I will talk your ear off. Hopefully as these commercials are played more and more I will get more and more people asking me about CrossFit. It is time to fight back for our live against the bombardment of bullshit information out there that is literally killing people.


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