Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, we are 8 days into the New Year now. Have you come up with any resolutions? Usually by the time I get to New Years Eve I already have a list, but this year I didn’t have anything. It wasn’t until I was at a party that night and people started talking about what resolutions everyone had. As usual I was with a bunch of CrossFitters, so we all immediately went to CF goals. Here are a few of mine to keep my honest: 1. 50 pull-ups in a row (currently at 41) 2. Do Nasty Girls Rx (just need Muscle Up stamina built up) 3. Press (strict) my body weight 4. Break 400 lbs for my dead lift (currently 393) 5. Snatch 135 lbs (stuck at 125, need work on my technique). Other than those CF related resolutions I want to: 1. Make sure my kids are in one outside of school activity at all times 2. Do at least 26 family days (we were awesome about planning one about every week for a while and the holiday season threw us for a loop) 3. Get birthday cards on time to all of my family members that don’t live in my house 😉 4. Get my Level 1 Certification 5. Get my Mustang back up and running. This is a lot of stuff, but I truly believe that I can do everything on this list. What resolutions have you made for the year? Are they specific? Make sure they are specific and measurable, sometime you may need to set several small goals that build up to meeting the big dog.

Next on the agenda is the good ol Paleo challenge that my box does every January. Technically the challenge does not start until tomorrow, but I started on January 1st. I am already feeling much better after all the crap I was eating in November and December. This being said you can expect more posts on recipes, how to eat paleo when you are eating out, and products that make it a little easier. For example I took the family out to the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie WA for breakfast today. This is a very notable place with AMAZING food. It would be super easy to cut loose and get a bunch of non paleo grub, but I stuck to my guns and got a fantastic omelet with Crab, onions, peppers, asparagus, and spinach. I also had their delicious coffee and it was a great breakfast out. Breakfast is probably one of the easiest meals to make sure you are eating paleo when you go out, so if you like to go out to eat breakfast is a great time to go if you have a hard tie sticking with it once you are out of the house.

Talk to you soon.


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