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You Gotta Believe

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

The magic of belief is a powerful and exciting thing. I am sitting here on the couch trying to decide where I will move Keith tonight for my kids to find him in the morning. Wondering who Keith is and why I may be moving him? If you have an Elf on the Shelf you may have been able to guess, but for those of you what are like, what the heck is that, The Elf of the Shelf is a little elf doll that comes with a story book you read to your kids. Most parents get the question of, how does Santa know if I have been good or bad and to answer that you can tell them, “Every year an elf watches over you in your house and reports back to Santa.” So you take out the little elf you got with the book and the kids get to name him and he is the little dude that keeps an eye out on their behavior. Every night after the kids go to bed we move him to a different location in the house and when the kids get up every morning the first thing they do is go try and find him and see where he magically flew to overnight. They LOVE it and truly believe that this little doll flies to Santa every night, gives him a report, and comes back to find a new place to hang out. They have stuffed animals, dolls, actions figures, all that kind of stuff and this elf looks just the same, but what is different about him is they believe he is different and Santa has provided him with actual magic to do a very important duty during the Christmas season. It is that type of belief that is important to keep instilled in kids as they grow up. I am not talking about trying to get them to keep believing in magical stuff like the elf or unicorns; I just mean the concept, that with hard work and dedication you can make big things happen. You know the old saying as well as I do, “You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up.” For the most part I whole heartedly believe that, along the way you just need to decide if the work, time, and sacrifices you have to make are worth it. Also, life isn’t fricken easy; even with a ton of hard work you don’t always get what you want very quickly, there will be failures along the way. But you have to believe that just because you have failed once, doesn’t mean that you will fail again or that your goal isn’t achievable, you have to believe in yourself and keep pushing ahead. I think now-a-days too many kids give up too damn easy; the good shit is almost never easy. Remember getting your first pull up, muscle up, Rx WOD, whatever it was for you that you really had to work hard to get, how did that feel when you got it? Badass right? Well, I want my kids to feel badass a lot in life. When there is tough stuff you are working through, big or small, show them that you recognize thing aren’t great right then, but that you believe that things will get better and that you might just have to work a little bit harder, longer, or faster to make it better, but it will be better. Not only is that a comfort to them, but they will carry that skill on with them into their adult lives too.