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My Little CrossFitter

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

As I was sitting on the couch tonight watching some TV with my son, I watched him drift off to sleep. It started to make me think what an amazing little dude he his and that triggered something he told his mom two weekends ago. While I was competing at the Rainier CrossFit Strongman, my wife was doing the local Turkey Trot with my son and daughter. My daughter is 7 and my son is 3 1/2 and they were all running together. This was tough for my little guy and as he was turning the halfway point corner my wife looked down at him and asked if he wanted to take a break, he replied with, “Mom, I never quit.” Now, I like to attribute that to him seeing his mom and dad WODing almost everyday and pounding through whatever is put in front of us. At our box there is no quitting, if something becomes too unmanageable for whatever reason you can scale down, but never just throw in the towel. I am still so proud of my son for saying those four little words and if he can keep that attitude with him for the rest of his life he is going to be a very happy and succesful person. A couple other great things came from that comment as well, the first is it just reminds me that my kids are always watching me and seeing what I do and how I react to things, so I better walk the talk and portray the same qualities that I always try to verbally reinforce to them. The second is, I got to hear this story right after I was finishing my first Strongman WOD that day. To give you a little back story, some people from my box compete in the Rainier CrossFit Strongman the year before and it looked like a lot of fun. they had four different weight classes set up to ensure people would be competing in a group of their peers. This makes perfect sense for a Strongman competition. So this year I signed up and was excited to give this stuff a shot, well they decided to only have two weight classes this year and they were 200 and under and 201 and over. This does not bode well for me, I weighed in at 170 lbs fully clothed with shoes, cell phone, wallet and keys. Needless to say I was pretty nervous. The first WOD was a farmers carry and box jump couplet. The Farmers carry weight was 190 lbs in each hand and the box jumps were 30″ in height. I don’t remember the exact distance buy in the end you carried the weight around 100′ and had done 30 box jumps. After the event was over I was so gassed, it was worse than Fran by far for me. I took a few minutes and then called to check in with my wife to see how they did and let them know how I was doing. I was feeling pretty crappy at the time and was not sure how I was going to do the other two WOD’s, but then my wife to me the “I never quit” story and it flipped my attitude right around. I decided at that point that I was just going to remember to have fun doing all this stuff that I don’t normally do and if I get to something I couldn’t do, they I would just scale, but I was not going to quit. By the time the second WOD started my wife and kids had made it out to Rainier and I proceed to PR my deadlift at 393 lbs and it was with a fat bar that I don’t use or train with. The final WOD came around and I was concerned that the stone loads would zap that last amount of juice I had to do the muscle ups that came right after, but I rallied and knocked all three out in a row. and then proceed to finish another total round. I exceed my expectations that day by far and I don’t know if I could have done it or at least had fun doing it without the inspiration my son gave to me inadvertently that day. CrossFitters really do live in a unique world where anything is possible with hard work and the culture oozes with the never quit attitude. Live these qualities and lead by example for your kids, family, and friends.

It is nice to be back and please share this blog with your friends, have a fantastic Thanksgiving.