The Most Important Words I Heard This Week

Posted: April 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Tonight I completed WOD 11.4. I am exhausted and my back is a wreck right now, but I couldn’t head up to bed without getting something off my chest. I am happy with my performance overall because I know I gave it my all and I knew going into it that the Over Head Squats would be really heavy for me. So there I was in the box tonight standing with my bar laying in front of me, my coach to the left of me, and a gang of people all around ready to watch the WOD go down. Next I hear, “Coaches ready, athletes ready, 3-2-1-GO!” I start knocking out the burpees at a good pace and at one point I was thinking, when the heck are these going to be done. They felt pretty easy and I was anxious to get to the OHS. Finally the 60 burpees were done at about 4 minutes and it was time to try to knock out these OHS and hopefully make it to the Muscle-Ups. I gripped the bar, took a deep breath and cleaned it up, the pushed it up over my head to rest on my back, positioned my hands wider and jerked it up overhead. Great, arms locked, felt heavy but doable. I lowered down and push back up hard and then did it again. I dropped the bar and thought, wow that is really heavy, but I still had like 5 minutes and change left. Then I went for number 3 and that is when things get a bit foggy, can’t remember if I failed that one or got it up right away, but at some point around completing rep 4 or 5 I hear the most important words I heard all week,  “Do Not Hang Your Head.” and then it was repeated again. That completely changed my attitude at that point, I didn’t even realize I was doing it. It was heavy, I was struggling, and whether I knew it or not I failed a couple reps and leaned over hands on knees and just hung my head. WTF I thought, I am no quitter, I am not going to give up, I can get one more, and I immediately grabbed that bar and went for another rep. To be honest I am not positive if that was the last rep I got, but either way I went down swinging. I have to thank my coach Tom for reminding me mid WOD that I don’t quit. Sometimes sh%t just gets hard and you can start feeling a little defeated, but that is your time to shine. How are you going to handle those rough spots, that is what counts. My kids where there tonight and I hear my son was cheering for me while I was at it and the last thing I want them seeing me do it quit. I haven’t got to where I am at today by quitting. What was it that I got from the words, do not hang your head? What I took from that was, you have no reason to hang your head, you should be proud of what you have done, and you got what it takes to get one more. Mikko Salo has SISU and now I have, Do not hang your head.

  1. Laura Melkonian says:

    Great post Rob and great work as well! I was standing there cheering for you when Tom spoke his famous words– “Don’t hang your head!” I sensed the impact that had on you-we are all lucky to have such supportive coaches. Keep your attitude positive and amazing results are sure to follow.

  2. Tom N. says:

    Dude this is so cool. I love that I could be a small part of what YOU did. All I did was count. You poured your effort into putting heavy sh*t overhead countless times until the clock ran out. You’ve made amazing strides this year. Remember getting that muscle-up just this week? Always be proud of your effort. Remember this sh*t is hard. For ALL of us. CrossFit changes body and mind. I firmly believe it. It will pick you up and with the very next WOD put you down. Just keep coming back for more. Well done.

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