Am I excited for WOD 11.3?

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Am I excited for WOD 11.3? Good question. I am always excited about the Reebok Open WOD’s even if I don’t think I am going to do well. Why, just because it is a challenge. I love the competition. Does that mean I am super stoked if I don’t do well, heck no. But once the initial disappointment wears off I at least know that I gave it my all and have other people on my team that killed it. Then I can live through them and their achievements. That is the great thing about CrossFit in general and having teams for the Open, even if you don’t do well you really want others to do awesome and cheer them on like it was the Games or something.

Just incase you don’t know what the 11.3 WOD is yet, here it is:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:
Squat clean (165lb / 75kg) Women’s weight is 110lb
Jerk (165lb / 75kg) Women’s weight is 110lb

Now this is more than my bodyweight, so it is going to be rough going but I like the fact that it is only 5 minutes. The reason I like that is, I feel like I can sustain a good amount of energy output for 5 minutes and since that clock is going to go quick I think I will constantly have that extra adrenaline rush like you get in the last 60 seconds of most WODs. This should be a very interesting (read painful) WOD for me because I am having a hard time estimating how many rounds I will be able to get. My last clean and jerk max was 185lbs, but maybe I have improved since that time??? What I am really going to focus on is form, form, and more form. I feel like if I can be efficient with my form, more than I have been in the past, I will be able to put out a number I am happy with. For those of you out there that are nervous about this WOD because this would be a PR for you, my recommendation is to work on your form every day this week. I firmly believe that if you are within 30 lbs of this weight with your last max, then you can knock out one full round to stay in the Open just by making sure you are utilizing the best form you can. Seek out your Box’s resident Oly stud and get some tips and have them watch you and get some good cues. Want it, visualize it, believe it, you can do this. And for you big mo fo’s out there, I can’t wait until we have to do pull-ups and handstand push-ups 😉 3-2-1-GO!


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