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Well the CrossFit Open is under way and we have WOD 11. 1 under our belts. On one hand I am relieved because part of the unknown is now known and my results are in and on the other hand I am thinking I hope the WODs to come will be more in my wheelhouse. Now having a 10 minute AMRAP with 30 Double Unders and then 15 Snatches (ground to overhead) at 75 lbs didn’t sound that bad to me at first. I thought, only 75 lbs that great, I can do that. However, this was one nasty couplet because since the weight was light you were moving fast the whole time which means no time for rest. I remember thinking at the end of my second round that I couldn’t believe how gassed I was already. In my opinion what looked like might be a good little guy WOD was actually a great big guy WOD. This is because some of these big dudes out there can throw 75 lbs around like nothing, so they were not gassing out so badly. My first go at the WOD I did all snatches and I was hoping to do better than I did, so I decided to give it another shot. The second time I did it I went all clean and jerks because the snatch is one of my weak points, but that did not pan out, I did not even do as well as I did my first go round. For me, even though the snatch is not my cup of tea it is still a much quicker movement. Since we ended up having an extra week I thought about doing it a third time, but made the decision not too and to really focus my energy on future WODs were I think I can really make up a lot more reps or time. I am wondering what everyone thought of that first WOD, easy, hard, surprising???? Let me know what you thought.

Now I am awaiting WOD 11.2 to be posted and I sure hope that it is posted on time this week. It is bad enough that the first year I am competing in the Sectionals (now the Open) the structure has changed, but having to put up with a pretty poor web experience really sucks. Hopefully they have been working the web development company like dogs to deliver what they promised, so that the rest of the Open can go smoothly and on time. I am starting to hear speculation about what the next WOD will be, but we all know that it could be anything. Most people just hope it is their favorite stuff, me being one of them 🙂 One person had a theory that maybe looking at the main site WODs over the last week might give us a hint, so it will be interesting if that turns out to be the case. Well, whatever it turns out to be I will tackle it with as much heart as I have and just do my best. One thing I do know is, I will be competing with some great people and there will be some serious firebreathing.

Another thing I wanted to bring up is the feeling this new format is giving off. Now, I don’t think my mind is going to change about how the old format of the Sectionals is something I would rather do. But I do understand why the new format is hear and how much more difficult it would become if the old Sectionals format was still in place. That being said, it does build a certain amount of excitement waiting each week to see what the next WOD will be, but after the WOD is complete it is feeling a little lack luster. You just don’t get the same feeling as you would if you were surrounded by lots of other people from lots of different boxes and laying it out all on the line in front of a much larger audience for a weekend of seeing what is in everyone’s heart. Another odd feeling I got was that is was over and time to celebrate, which I am not saying you shouldn’t celebrate after each WOD as long as you aren’t celebrating will a bunch of beers and donuts. This new format is really going to test people’s commitment to their nutrition over a much longer period of time. It is one thing dialing in your diet for a month or two before a hard weekend and then being able to have a big celebration cheat and it is another thing to dial it in for a month or two and then keep it rolling for an additional 7 weeks. Just something interesting I was thinking about and am going to try to use as one of my strategies to do well. Overall I am stoked to be competing in the Open and hope to compete at Regionals with my team.