Being Sick and Eating Paleo

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well it has been a rough couple of days for the family, everyone has been sick with a stomach flu. It started with me and within 24 hours of when I started feeling horrible, my wife and kids came down with it too. Once I finally started feeling like I wanted to eat something the only things I could think of that sounded good were not paleo. I struggled with this because I am right in the middle of my CrossFit Box’s Stop the Slop challenge and I couldn’t decide whether it was better to just eat anything rather than nothing. Especially since it was the stomach flu and when you are just getting over being really sick to your stomach you gotta be careful about what you are going to try to eat or you may be making another pukie trip. In any case I chose to stay paleo and finally thought of something that sounded good to me, a Larabar. Now I get that Larabars are not the best paleo food in the world, but they are paleo non the less. That finally got my stomach moving a little and fruit sounded good so I had some cantaloupe. That also did well and I worked my way up to some eggs and bacon. Well today I am feeling pretty good, mostly just tired, but proteins just are not sounding good to me for some reason. I am referring to meats really, I don’t know why but they are making me feel a little sick just thinking about them. I am sure I will be good to go in the next 24 hours or so, but this is something I will need to explore a little more to figure out how I will tackle being sick and eating paleo next time it happens. As for my kids, I am just going with what I know and what they are willing to eat. An example is some unsalted saltine crackers and water to get their bellys to start feeling better again. It seems to be working ok, but I am not going to go to the trouble to try to talk them into eating something paleo that is not sounding good to them when their stomachs are feeling so horrible. Any suggestions you have for what you eat when you are sick? Any info you have on this topic would be great to post up. Thanks!


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