Eat Out Paleo and Kids Activities

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

For a couple of months now I have heard about this great burger place where you can get an awesome Paleo meal. It is a little far from my house, but I happened to be in the neighborhood this weekend with some friends and we all gave it a shot. It was delicious. Essentially the concept of this burger place is, you choose you type of meat like, beef, turkey, bison, etc… and by the way it is all quality meats, not junk. Then you choose how you want it, on a bun or in a bowl. Being that I was eating Paleo I chose in a bowl and to be on top of a bunch of mixed greens. They there have a very large list of toppings and you just choose exactly what you want. It is nice because you can build something different every time. There are all kinds of great things you can add and I think you would be hard pressed to not find almost everything you would be interested in putting on your burger. To top it off they make yam fries which seals the deal for me because I love to have fries and if I can get a better version of the old favorite then I win. Normally I wouldn’t write-up a post on a restaurant like this, but I found out is it a chain, so you can look up to see if there is one in your area. It is great high quality food, family friendly, and relatively good prices for the quality you are getting. The name of the establishment is The Counter and their website is I highly recommend giving it a shot if you have one in your are and it is just another restaurant you can put on your list of easily Paleo compliant.

Secondly, the reason we were in the area was because we went to an indoor climbing gym called Stone Gardens. This is only in Seattle, but I know there are indoor climbing gyms all over the place. This is a great activity to go do with your kids on the weekend. I had my 6-year-old and 3-year-old with me and they both had a great time and get some good physical activity in. Sometimes it is hard to think of physical activities or just something new to do with your monkies and I wanted to put this on the list of great things to go out and do as a family. Also, not only did the kids have fun, but we went with friends and the parents actually get to have fun too. The tips I have for you if you want to look into this are, call your local indoor rock climbing gym and make sure they take all ages, they should have rentals for everything you need but check anyway, you can just boulder which is just free climbing without a rope at lower heights or you can be on belay and do some assisted climbing. If you want to do assisted climbing you will either need to pay extra for a staff member or take a quick test, so you can get certified to do it for your group. Yesterday we just bouldered and it was fun, but next time I plan to get certified to use the ropes. So add this to your list of things to do for the weekend and if you have any other great suggestions let me know.


  1. Will Johnson says:

    Just found your page on FB and wanted to share my thoughts on Crossfit and being a father.
    I am a 43 years old but I am in the best shape of my life. I have my limitations but my limitations do not define me. I challenge myself to find new limitations each workout and to see my old limitations in the rear view mirror. I refuse to buy into the fact that my best years are behind me. My wife and sons deserve better. They deserve a husband and father who still has the energy and physical capacity to take care of the home (yard and repairs) while also teaching my sons how to throw the ball. I will be in my mid 50’s when my boys are in high school, but I will be fit, active and involved. I will not be a father who is an overweight couch potato that tries to “coach” by telling. I will be functionally fit and get in the yard to “coach” by showing. Some days various parts of my body hurt but that does not stop me from training, it means I might have to go lighter, modify or replace one exercise for another but I will still train and at the end of the workout, my body feels better. I do not CrossFit to be a better CrossFitter, I CrossFit to be the best Husband and Father I can be.

    • CrossFit Dad says:

      Hi Will,

      I am glad you found my blog, and I could not have said things better myself. Getting to be a better CrossFitter is great and something I strive to do, but the best benefit is being able to be healthy and keep up with my kids no matter what they want to do. I say keep up the great work and your best years are ahead of you, keep moving, eat healthy, and enjoy life.

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