Sectionals Training Week 2

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

So this past weekend I had the second Sectionals training WOD with my team and I was dreading it. Not because it was just Sectionals training, but because I knew we were doing Josh and Josh has Over Head Squats in it. After my first Sectionals training WOD I was feeling pretty humbled and now for the second one to be hit with my nemesis the OHS, I was starting to feel like my coach was picking the specific stuff that I such at. I wake up early last Saturday with my kids and get breakfast ready to make sure I have time to fuel up properly before hitting the WOD and as soon as breakfast is over I am focused on searching the mobility WOD site to find all of the stretches I could to help me out with my OHS. I find a few good videos and watch them intensely and then about 30 minutes before we need to leave for the box I start going through some of these stretches. We get to the box and I quickly crank through the warm up and go back to my stretches and then do 3 sets of 10 with the 45lb bar of OHS. My stomach is filled with butterflies and at this point I just want to start the damn WOD. Finally it is time to begin and 3-2-1- Go…… I am off to the races, I did scale the OHS down to 75 lbs, but for me that is great because I usually use a working weight of 55 or 65 which is pathetic, but it allows me to use the best form I can. Well, I cruised through the OHS and was unbroken every round. I felt like a million bucks, like I had just done the WOD Rx in a competition and blown everyone else away is how I felt. It really gave me a huge boost for the entire day, I was so excited that I had to tell everyone there that those were the best OHS I had ever done. There are two things I want to point out about this and the first one is, it is important to work on your weaknesses because if you don’t they will always be your weakness and the second thing is, always prepare the best you can. If you put in the extra time to prepare for the specific task you are doing, it will help a ton. I feel like I had unlocked the secret of doing OHS and really all it took was to really focus on warming up my body very thoroughly for that specific movement. Dont’ get me wrong, I know I have a long way to go to make this a strength for me, but I finally feel like I have the tools to start progressing forward. Now what is week 3 have in store for me?????


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