No Sectionals this year???

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

This last Saturday was my Box’s first Sectionals training and it was a humbling experience. We started out the gate with what I consider super heavy squat clean of 175# and some handstand push-ups. I had to scale the squat cleans unfortunately, but the hspu’s I Rx’d. It was a brutal little couplet and some of the other guys killed it and did it all Rx. This made me feel like, whoa, what I am getting myself into. Then after the WOD was over several people told me, “Good Job” and I went on with my day with a little uneasiness about Sectionals. By about dinner time I had gotten over my humbling experience and remembered that, I know that I am not a Rock Star at everything and this was a great way to show me a weakness that I didn’t know I had. Now I can focus a little more and some of the heavier weights, I am more of a bodyweight guy. So I was back to feeling stoked and ready to head into Sectionals to do battle with whatever they had to throw at me and just do my best. I may now kill em at the heavy weights, but I can certainly hold my own with the metcons and bodyweight movements. Then it came, on Saturday night a friend posted up on Facebook that Sectionals was a no go. I was like WTF, no way, let me look into this. There was a video posted on CrossFit Journal and they talked a little bit about this year’s Sectionals and there will be Sectionals, but not in the same format as last year. Unfortunately it is not a small change and a sucky change in my opinion. This year instead of getting everyone together in one location, on one weekend, to do multiple WODs, and compete against other like yourself, it is all going to be done online over a 6 week period. The info that is out so far says that they will post up a WOD for a week and you can video yourself or be videoed at a box and send that in to be part of the running to get into Regionals. At this point it also looks like you can send in more that one video if you do the WOD again and get a better time. When I first heard this I was pissed and it really fired me up. How could HQ take away a great in person event like Sectionals? I believe that what you are missing by handling it online is, the camaraderie, the competition, the standardized judging, the ability to volunteer, the overall fun and excitement of an in person event. Last year my wife and I volunteered at Sectionals and Regionals and that is what made us want to do it this year. I there were many stories of how people were kicking butt together and cheering on everyone, even if they were competing against you. So much good came out of Sectionals it is hard to believe that this massive change has happened. Now that I have had a few days to ingest this information, I am still massively disappointed, but will roll with the punches and move forward as is. I am hoping there will be such an uproar about this that next year it will be back with force, but we will see I guess. And who knows, maybe when all the details are out it won’t be as bad as it sounds, I am really trying to think positive on this one. Either way I am going to continue to train on the Sectionals team and will continue to report out after my training sessions, but I am really having to dig a bit deeper to be as excited as I was before.

Tell me what you think about Sectionals going online, I would love to hear your comments. For example what happens if you are doing a WOD and to finish there are 20 box jumps and on the last one it is determined by the video reviewer that you didn’t open your hips enough, no one was there to no rep you in person and let you know you needed to do one more. Or if you are having a coach watch you and they say it is ok, but the video reviewer disagrees? Over the past few months there have been a lot of online contests to win stuff and I have seen some great technique and form and I have seen some horrible form, but that horrible form has not been called out and poor quality movement has been counted. I’m just sayin, how can this work as well as in person????


  1. Annie says:

    I’m with ya on the being confussed, sad, and alittle upset as well. I really like seeing all the boxes get torture and cheer one another on. Share stories, meet new people, see those we haven’t seen sinc last year. With that said now judging….. I haven’t the slightest idea how this will ever work. I guess I will have to be perfect even if it sacrifices time. I have watched now for 2 years with an amazing coach wanting me to do this so this will not stop me from trying just might need to put on our own sectionals this year. What if we got multiple boxes to host each week…. I’m just thinking out loud! Thanks for sharing your feelings and having this platform to talk about it.

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