Defending the Paleo Diet

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok, my bad. It has been a few days since I have had a new post, but is was quite a whirlwind the last week. Getting back from traveling, wife’s birthday, daughter’s birthday, and crazy workload. But all excuses aside, it is time to kick back into gear and add to this blog ūüėČ

Defending the Paleo¬†Diet, have you had problems with people knocking how you eat? Do they ask you stuff like, “What is that, some sort of crazy diet, is that South Beach, is that Atkins.” Things like that? And after you take a few seconds to give a brief overview, they pretty much try to discount it by¬†saying things like, “Well I eat pasta all the time and I am pretty healthy, my Dr. says that whole grains are fantastic, it doesn’t sounds like you are eating very healthy with all of that red meat.” Then you try to¬†defend eating Paleo, tell them you haven’t covered everything thing about the diet, you just gave them the elevator pitch, and there is much more behind it than what you have explained. It honestly gets very tiring if you are always trying to explain to someone why are you eating the way you do. Some people are just flat-out¬†rude about it and try to dismiss¬†it as being silly or unhealthy, so as¬†to make what they are doing or not doing seem ok. I personally am not a preacher and never look at what someone is eating and start telling them why it is bad for them, but if you ask, I am more than happy to give my perspective. The best possible advice I can give you is to not try¬†an defend with words as much as let them see the results. A good example is my wife, since she has started CrossFit and eating Paleo¬†she has completely transformed into this super fit hottie. It is undeniable¬†that she is doing something right and that it didn’t just happen on accident. Both her and myself frequently get questions from friends and coworkers about what we think they should do to get fit or eat healthier. All of these requests¬†came without saying a word to them about trying to be more healthy.¬†The key is to not let¬†people get to you¬†and if they are truly¬†interested because they see how fantastic you are doing, they will ask. The strongest argument for Paleo¬†is simply the results that it generates and if someone is truly¬†a non believer then I say throw down the 30 day Paleo¬†Challenge. Just be crystal¬†clear that if they do not stick with it and continue to cheat during that 30 days they will not see half the results. The next thing you can do is toss them a copy of Robb Wolf’s new book, The Paleo Solution or have them order one. He does such a fantastic job of telling the story about why you should consider eating Paleo. If anyone has any success¬†stories about them convincing a nay sayer to try Paleo and has converted them I would love to hear about it. Thanks and talk to you soon.

  1. jack says:

    Glad you posted some new material, love your blog.

  2. Greg Lambert says:

    I never tried to convert the unwilling. When folks inquire I point them to this link which say’s it all ūüôā

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