Eating Clean while on the Road

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am currently at a professional conference out-of-town and don’t want to break my eating and workout habits. If you attend things of this sort yourself then you know how hard it can be since they provide the food and it is not made to order. Also the days tend to be very long, so when do you squeeze in your workout? With the food you just have to evaluate what is provided and see how you can adapt it to fit your Paleo diet. This morning when I went down for breakfast I had no worries because if there is one thing you can usually count on, it is that there are eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit. Well, no such luck today. There was nothing but big plates of pastry and breakfast burritos and that was it. It threw me off at first because I already had a picture in my head of what I was going to eat, but I grabbed 4 breakfast burritos and proceeded to dump all of the contents out on my plate so I could discard the flour tortillas. People looked at me weird, but hey I need to eat Paleo and they gave me no choice. Then for lunch we started with a salad and only one kind of dressing was provided and it was some super cream garlic pesto dressing and there were no options, so I went dry. Next the entre came and it was a sun-dried tomato and artichoke heart stuff chicken breast on couscous, so I just ate the chicken breast. Then I grabbed some cashews and almonds that I had in my room because I was still hungry. Next we had an afternoon break and guess what food was available? Cupcakes, yep just cupcakes. I was thinking these guys are really make me work for it. I won’t go on anymore about my choices for the day, but my point is that it can be hard to eat clean when traveling. You really just need to examine what is there and you can usually stick to paleo and if you absolutely can’t, then have snacks that you can eat. Going along with the them of the week, you have to plan stuff out and be ready because if you aren’t you will end up breaking your diet just because you are absolutely starving.

Next came sticking to my workout. So I found my hotel on Bing maps and then did a search nearby for CrossFit boxes. I did a post a little ways back about how I choose where to go, so if you are interested just click a little further back on the blog. For this trip I chose United Barbell. It was within walking distance of my hotel and seemed like a cool joint. I sent an e-mail before I went and Jenny was very prompt in responding and was also the trainer for the class I showed up for. It was a great box, Jenny was very welcoming and they run a tight ship there. We did a max deadlift with a metcon check out and I was spent. Oh and I love the fact that after the WOD was over Jenny had us all get back together and run through a series of stretches. One of which I had never done before that I thought was great. Also while I was doing it, it was quite right so she came over and put pressure on the right places and it was like going into the Pain Cave as Kelly Starrett says. It hurt so good. I grabbed a couple of t-shirts on the way out and was back at the hotel for a shower in no time. As my wife was saying before I left for my trip, it is really nice to go to a CrossFit box while traveling because it is like a little piece of home and just feels familiar and comfortable. I couldn’t agree more. Well, it is getting a little late and I have an early and long day tomorrow, hopefully they don’t make me work so hard to stay Paleo and we will see which box I make it to.



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