Getting Ready for Sectionals

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well folks, this is my first in-flight blog post. Having WiFi while at 36,000 ft is pretty darn cool. Now to the topic of Sectionals, they are coming up faster than you think. Most Sectionals are taking place in February and that is only about 3 months away. I think it is time to set up your training plan to allow yourself enough time to make some significant improvements. Step one will be to take a look at what your weaknesses are, sometimes a good way to do that is think about what things go up on the whiteboard that you hate to do. We usually don’t like things that we are not good at or that we feel are very hard. After you have your list you need to do a little work to figure out where you are at with those movements, can you no do them at all, are you not lifting as much weight as you would like, can you not do as many in a row as you would like, etc…. Once you know your current max you can start setting some improvement goals. Remember, there is about 3 months left so be realistic, but not too conservative. Now that you have your new targets you need to create a plan on how to get there. For example, if you aren’t good at double unders then you can build 15 minutes of double under practice every day. That one is easy because you can even do those at home. But if you have a goal of being able to raise your deadlift max by 30lbs then that is probably something you will have to do at the box. Since you will have to do it at the box you will need to figure out if you are going to come in early, stay late, what days, and home many days a week you are going to do it. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but to make big improvements you need to make big plans. I would suggest to make a whole schedule and print it out and stick it somewhere you will see if everyday. If you really want to be better than you were last year or kick some butt in your first year, then put your best foot forward and Do Work. The next part of the preparation is at least as if not considerably more important, your diet. If you aren’t eating clean already, now is the time to switch. If you are eating clean, then how clean is clean, make a food journal and have your trainer review it to see if any improvements can be made. Get out there and read about the Paleo Diet, get a book, search the net, talk to your trainer, do it all. We only workout for about 1 hour a day, so that leaves 23 other hours of the day to make poor eating choices. We should put at least as much energy in time into an eating plan as we should our workout plan, taking that into consideration.

Now since I have talked a bunch about eating clean and staying on track with our workouts, I will post tomorrow on trying to eat clean while traveling and give a review of the Box I will be working out at this evening. I always get that butterflies in my stomach feeling before a WOD, but I really get it before doing one at a new box. But just like anything else that is on your mind, once you are in that WOD you certainly don’t have time to like about anything else 🙂


  1. Tom says:

    Good advice for anyone to follow even if you aren’t training for sectionals or another competition. Analyze weakness, set goals, proper nutrition, consistency, rest, and working with your coach on what you can do to improve. Sounds perfect!

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