CrossFit and Oly Lifting, Gaining Traction

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
Yesterday I attended the Washington State CrossFit Weightlifting Competition at Thrush Sport Performance in Sumner, WA. It was the first event of its kind held at Thrush and was limited to only CrossFitters. There were two lifts the were performed, the snatch and the clean and jerk. It was a great little event to attend and I was able to watch a good friend and member of SnoRidge CrossFit (Sean Newbrey) take first place in his weight class. This event was right on the heels of the Inaugural CrossFit/USA Weightlifting Open in Colorado, held by the USAW. This in my book was a pretty big deal and shows that other areas of athletics are really starting to stand up and take notice of CrossFit. This event not only had some of the best of the best of CrossFit, like Chris Spealer, but also some hardcore weight lifters like Olympian Chad Vaughn. What was really interesting about this event was you had CrossFitters that have some strong lifts be judged on Oly lifting technique, which is something that can definitely slip a little bit when trying to do something for time. And on the other side of the coin you had Oly lifters having to do a CrossFit Triplet that was a 10 min AMRAP of 6 squat cleans 55kg, 12 pull ups, and 24 double unders. I think it was an excellent way for some CrossFitters that are really interested in the Olympic lifts to be able to compete in a true lifting event and even get the recognition of the USAW community if they would like to pursue that avenue and a great chance for some Olympic lifters to see what it is like to do a CrossFit triplet. I think over the next few years you are going to see a much bigger partnership grow between CrossFit and the USA Weightlifting community. Heck, with a good as Spealer did you will probably see him in the next Olympics 😉 If you would like to read more specifics about the even and see the results you can go here If you like to watch the recorded action you can go here
Not only do I think it is cool that all these new events are popping up, but I look at it as opportunities for some nice mini vacations with the kids. If it fun to find an event you want to go to like the event in Colorado and bring the whole family. Go a day or two early, have some fun with the kids in a new area, and get some time to introduce them to some more of the CrossFit family. I feel like CrossFitters in general are a pretty family friendly bunch, which makes it a lot easier for CF parents to be able to attend a variety of events. I am not saying the kids should be allowed everywhere, but the majority of events seem to accept kids just fine as long as you are using your parenting skills.
Here is a video of Sean Newbrey locking in the win for his weight class at yesterday’s event.

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