Team WODs at the Box and at Home

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I was just thinking about how my kids have a ton of energy and we are always thinking of ways for them to use it productively, rather than the alternative. This made me remember something I hadn’t done in quite a while, but was a lot of fun. I don’t know about at your box, but Saturdays are often Team WODs. I love the team WOD, because there is always that extra little bit of competition and the comradery is great. Sometimes it allows you to do things that you couldn’t do on your own or do things for longer than you typically can. The teamwork you practice during a WOD like this is awesome and you truly do learn about yourself and other people. You might be thinking, ummmmm how come you started talking about your kids energy and then completely changed the subject? Well, I was leading to the suggestion of setting up some Team WODs at home that you can do as a family. The kids love doing this kind of stuff. They get to work with mom, dad, brothers, sisters, and they get to do some stuff they wouldn’t normally be able to do by themselves. I am definitely not saying that these should be hard-core workouts, they should really be more focused on fun and things that will allow them to get all that crazy kid energy out. You can be super creative and do a relay race obstacle course, head and handstand holds, swinging on a rope or rings and trying to knock down a cone, etc…. whatever you can think of. You don’t even necessarily have to have two teams, I have set up obstacle courses with running and burpees and me and my two kids just did them all together. Also, just a tip, don’t be super picky on stuff like form on burpees. It is really more just to get them moving and not necessarily make sure they are clapping above their heads rather than behind them for example. If you want you can even get a whiteboard and do the whole thing you do at your box, right down names, start the clock, record the times, and even compare against old times. This is something you and your kids can have a ton of fun with. If you think of some really creative ideas let me know. We can all use a little help sometimes thinking of new things to do with our kids.


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