The Coconut Water Low Down

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

What is your drink of choice to re-hydrate after a WOD? For me it is coconut water. It has excellent rehydration qualities and I feel like it really recharges my batteries. The problem is there are lots of different kinds of coconut water out there and they are not all created equal. I will cover the major brands you will generally find in your grocery store.

1. C2O – 100% pure coconut water from the Nam Hom coconut tree in Thailand. This brand is less salty and more sweet because the type of coconut tree if is grown from. This one also comes in a can, which I like because it stays colder longer when out of the fridge.

2. Vita Coco – 100% pure coconut water from Brazilian coconuts. This one has a little more salty flavor, but they also have serveral flavored varieties too. There is Acai and Pomegranate, Tangarine, Peach and Mango, Pineapple, and Passion Fruit. I am not a huge fan of the flavored coconut waters, but I know some people that don’t like it plain. This gives them the option of getting the coconut water benefits without having to choke down something they don’t like. These all come in Tetra Pak packaging.

3. Zico – This one states it is 100% pure coconut water, but on the nutrional information it says it is from concentrate which I think is weird. They state that the concentrate comes from a blend of Brazilian, Asian, and Indonesian coconuts. And I may be wrong, but I take that to mean they have serval different suppliers and buy from whoever has the best cost at the time and mix them together. Zico probably has the most options of sizes and packaging to purchase they products in, they have the small Tetra Packs, large Tetra Paks, and plastic bottles. I prefere the juice box packaging because I feel like I can taste the plastic of the plastic bottles. They also have serveral flavors, Pina Tropicale, Natural, Lima Citron, Pomberry, Passion Fruit, and Mango.

4. O.N.E – This is also 100% natural and is available in both a small and large Tetra Pack. Their coconuts are sourced from Brazil, Indonesia, and the Phillipines. Even those their sourcing is similar to other products that have a bit saltier flavor, I feel like theirs is a bit more sweet. They also have a few different flavors, Natural, Pink Guava, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, and Mango.

My opinion on rating these 4 brands is that C2O is the best, then O.N.E, then Vita Coco, and finally Zico. There are plenty of other smaller brands out there, but I wanted to cover what you will most likely find in your local stores. Also here are a few facts about all natural coconut water that are interesting: It has zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero added sugar, packed with potassium, 5 essential electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus), rehydrates faster than water, and very low acidity. Just be careful you do not purchase something that is not all natural and has added sugars or you will be taking aways a lot of the great benefits. If you have never tried coconut water directly after a WOD you should and make sure it is ice-cold because that is when it tastes they best. Happy Coconut Water Drinking!




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