To Milk or Not To Milk

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last night my son had a rough night sleeping and I was in his room a couple of times putting him back to bed. When I work up this morning I was exhausted, my first thought was when can I go out and get some coffee. Generally what that mean for me is a double tall whole milk latte. It made me think a little bit about the two different schools of thought around eating Paleo. If you are 100% paleo then you don’t drink any milk and stay away from other dairy like yogurt and cheese. But there is a significant number of people that are not sold on the fact that in the paleolithic era nobody drank milk. I believe the example I once heard from someone was, do you think if back in the day someone killed an aminal that produced milk they just threw it away? And to me that made sense, because people that live off the land typically make use of as much of an animal as possible. So I practice what I call being an Ovo Lacto Paleo eater, because I still drink milk and eat cheese and yogurt. I don’t consume as much of any other those things as I did in the past, but I have not cut them out completely either. Also if you are going to have dairy products you should try to get them as close to the farm and as natural as possible, hence why I get whole milk in my lattes which I never used to do. I used to always ask for fat free milk and you know what, whole milk tastes way better and I have not gained one extra ounce due to the change. If you are not very familiar with eating Paleo you really should do a little research on the topic and why not get information from the best in the business when it comes to eating Paleo; Robb Wolf. He just came out with a new book that is great, you can find it here: If you have not done a 30 day Paleo challenge at your box yet I would recommend doing one and sticking to it. It is only 30 days and the first couple of weeks suck, but once you turn the coner it really is a big difference. I really leaned out and I had so much more gas in the tank for WODs. I really notice a big difference when I cheat too many days in a row, I feel gasses super quick and it is much harder to push through. I will let you make your own judgemnet on the dairy part, but I am sticking with Todd Widman on this one and keeping milk in my diet.


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