Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alright guys, if you have never heard of Movember it is time to learn about it. As I am sure you have all noticed, people are doing a fantastic job raising money for breast cancer research. For example, today there are a lot of CrossFit boxes doing the Barbells for Boods fund raiser Now us guys have to do a much better job of raising money for prostate cancer research. This is one of the most diagnosed forms of cancer amongst men of all races. In two weeks Movember starts and it is our chance to raise awareness about prostate cancer and money for research. You can read all of the official information about Movember at their website, , but I will give you my quick take on it and why I think it is a very cool event. The basic idea is you are supposed to grow out a moustache for the month of November. This is a very visible way to support the prostate cancer foundation, just like all of the pink ribbons you see for breast cancer. I think it is a great conversation starter, people you know will come up to you and say stuff like, “What’s up with the stache” and that gives you the opportunity to tell them about Movember and direct them to your donation page you can create through the Movember website. You can even put together teams. I would suggest putting together a team at your box and maybe even hold a workout fundraiser. If you do put together a team, send me a picture of all you guys at your box and I will post them on my blog. I hope you all will participate and raise as much money as you can. My father passed away just a few months ago from prostate cancer and I want to find a cure and rid the earth from this horrible cancer.


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