CrossFit used as therapy???

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Do you have days when you are thinking to yourself I can’t wait to get to CrossFit, if I can just hold out until the WOD tonight I will be good to go? Today was one of those days for me. I went into work feeling great, all caught up, ready to the momentum going and then it happend. Boom, unexpected load of work lands in my lap. I start trying to figure out what it is going to take to fix this unexpected problem and how long and I find myself thinking, I can’t wait to WOD tonight. No matter how tough my was or what problems I have going on in my life, the WOD takes them all away. If you are in a WOD and are still managing to keep your mind on something else, then you aren’t working hard enough. If you throw everything you have into it, at the very least your mind gets a break from whatever issues you are dealing with at that time. For me it is like a cleansing. I always seem to feel 10 times better about what is going on and it really helps me put things in persective. Sometimes I recognize that I may be in a bad mood or just feeling a bit down and tired and when I am home from work, that is not the kind of dad that a kid wants to play with. On those days I try and hit the box as soon as I get home for work. It recharges me and give me the energy I need play cars, dance, read books, play chase, or whatever it is the kids are into that day. For me it is a form of therapy and something that keeps me energized. If this is not something you already think about, I encourage you to try and recognize the next time you are feeling stress or need a little extra get up and go, hit the box. The difference can be immense.

  1. Steve Mansfield says:

    CrossFit Dad,
    I am so psyched to read this blog entry (I just recently found you and am catching up on old entries). During the day I work as a licensed professional counselor and have been telling everyone of my colleagues about crossfit for just this purpose. I started training with a new affiliate here in St. Simons Island, GA ( in the summer, and I have been amazed at the therapeutic value. It shouldn’t have surprised me as the science behind this has long been known, but I am stunned at the benefit. For years I have been practicing and teaching the meditative techniques espoused by Dr. Herbert Benson in “The Relaxation Response”, but I have largely ignored other known methods (intense physical activity) to ellicit the body’s natural calming processes. Its just easier to teach a client how to properly meditate than to have him/her doing burpees in the waiting room. My business partner (also an LPC) has started crossfitting at his local box and echoes my statements. We are trying to figure out how to incorporate all of this into our practice!
    Thank you for creating this blog and for all that you do in this area.

    • CrossFit Dad says:

      Thank you very much for the nice comments, I am glad you are enjoying the blog. It would be very cool if you guys could figure out a way to incorporate this into your everyday practice helping people. Keep up the great work and let me know if you have any great break throughs incorporating physical activity to help improve/alter mental states.

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