CrossFit Dad, what does that term mean to you?

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

Have you ever heard the term CrossFit Dad? If yes what does it mean to you? I can tell you what it means to me and the term has taken on more and more meaning the longer I have been CrossFitting. When I started CrossFit it was not because I had been looking for something new to do or a better workout, it was because my wife and a couple of my best friends were doing it. In a way I felt a little left out because they all would go to class together, use their CrossFit lingo, and seemed to have this whole group of good people to hang out with all the time. I was boxing at the time and loved it, but the lure of the sense of community and support is what lead me to give CrossFit a shot. I joined right after the first of the year and by February had decided that since I could only afford one, I would stick with CrossFit. I was hooked on the constant physical and mental challenges as well as the strong community. Now that puts us at the point where both my wife and I were loving CrossFit and going 4 to 5 days a week. This had quickly become a major component of our lives. There are tons of things I love about CrossFit, but the one key thing that is at the heart of all that is the abilitly to bring in and involve my kids. I absolutely love the fact the my kids get to come watch me hit a WOD, get a PR, cheer on other, or even fail a rep. They get to see and learn what it means to not only have a healthy body, but to have a healthy mind, good friend that support you and that you support in return. Being a CrossFit Dad to me means to lead by example. To show them that being fit is fun, eating healthy is normal and worth it, how great it is to have goals, and how fantastic it feels to achieve them, how to deal with failures gracefully, and how to turn those failures into opportunity to improve. Being a CrossFit Dad is taking the time and effort to teach your kids that it is not just important for them to learn to live healthy, but that you care enough about them to practice what you preach.

This is my first post and you can expect to hear about other things I have learned about being a CrossFit Dad, links to interesting articles about CrossFit related topics, paleo recipies, and any entertaining stories that come up. If you have any ideas for topics just let me know.

  1. Rona says:

    This is great Rob. 10 years of marriage and through this blog I learned a couple new things about you today. I love you and your passion for our family and CrossFit. You da bomb! Can’t wait to read what you blog next.

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